TebTech Begin Testing On Transit Elevated Bus (TEB-1)


Chinese engineers from ‘TebTech’ have designed and developed TEB-1, an elevated public transit system similar to a bus that can travel through congested cities over the top of cars and other traffic.

Given the name TEB-1, short for ‘transit elevated bus’, the innovative public transit system at this stage can hold up to 300 passengers and can travel at speeds of around 60 kilometres per hour. The current prototype model is only 22 metres long, 7.8 metres wide and 4.8 metres high however there are plans to increase the size and passenger capacity dramatically over the coming year.

Just yesterday the TEB-1 completed its very first on road test. The test was conducted on the 2nd of August in Qinhuangdao, a city within North China’s Hebei Province. The first tests included evaluation of the drag and braking system as well as the monitoring of power consumption.


In its finished form, the TEB will carry up to 1,200 passengers and travel at 60 kph while it zooms above the street allowing traffic to conveniently slip underneath it. This obviously brings great benefits in combating the ongoing traffic problems that China and the world abroad currently face. Alex Linder believes that it will have the same effect as a Subway, only it will cost 5 times less to make and will only take a year to produce.

An additional benefit is that the TEB is completely run on electricity rather than petrol or diesel. With China’s current emission issue, the bus will also help to reduce city smog. Furthermore, the tracks and stations required to be built require far less materials and workload to construct, not to mention the disruption to a city building a subway has. At this stage the stations are planned to be above the TEB-1 rather than below or beside and will be accessible via an elevator that will lower passengers into the bus.

Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) Concept

This futuristic Chinese bus concept aims to improve public transit. Would the TEB work in the U.S.?: bit.ly/25k7FKk

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While the current TEB-1 is still quite a while away from being ready for mainstream use. It is great to see designers in China turn something that was once ridiculed into a working public transit system. Other countries such as Brazil, India, France and Indonesia have since contacted the designers in regards to potentially licensing their own versions of the TEB. From this it is obvious that in the near future there may be the use of TEB’s in a city near you.

Source: Xinhuanet, Shanghaiist, TechCrunch.

Images/Video: Shanhaiist,

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