256GB SanDisk – Western Digital Releases The Worlds Fastest Micro SD Card

SanDisk Head Quarters - 256GB SanDisk

Western Digital Corporation are global leaders in computer storage technologies and solutions have recently announced a new line of 256GB SanDisk SD Cards including the worlds largest and a fastest MicroSD. On July 29th, the two Sandisk MicroSD cards were introduced within their press release. 256GB SanDisk Extreme – microSDXC UHS-I Card. 256GB SanDisk Ultra – […]

‘Pleurobot’ The Robot That Crawls And Swims Like A Real Salamander.

Robotic Scientists at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne In Lausanne, Switzerland have designed and created a biomimetic mechanoid based around the structure and movement patterns of the Salamander. Named the “Pleurobot:, the mechanical counterpart was designed with an articulated vertebrae that allows the robot to slither on both land or at sea.  The robot […]