Equinix opening $224 million data center in Sydney

An American multinational company, Equinix is a global leader in internet connection and colocation data centers.

Equinix Australia boasts an impressive portfolio of over 265 cloud service providers, 75 financial enterprises and 55 media businesses living in 15,000 square meters of colocation (data center) space in South Sydney as well as seven International Business Exchange (IBX®) centers Sydney-wide.

A whopping $224 million AUD investment, the IBX® colocation data center, SY5, will be Equinix’s eighth in the city.

A data center is a building space used to house computer hardware, storage systems and similar technologies.

Colocations are data centers where such equipment is rented commercially.

Connection services to a variety of telecommunications and network service providers are also offered.

This is a crucial service in the digital age as it removes the responsibility of server storage, cooling and powering, and physical security from people and businesses.

Equinix Australia managing director Jeremy Deutsch stated in a blog post announcing the SY5 that many leading Australian and international companies have followed Equinix to Sydney because they want to be a part of the ‘high-tech cluster’ they have created there.

“After all, what is Silicon Valley famous for? It’s an innovation hub, where the world’s brightest and most technologically advanced work alongside each other to achieve more than they could alone. It’s a network effect, through proximity with each other. We call it the power of interconnection.” Mr Deutsch said.

“Our next phase of growth at Equinix – a big part of why we’re building SY5 – is being driven by the enterprise transformers. We’re seeing an ever-wider variety of organizations looking to move into the neighborhood to directly connect with each other and global partners to drive their digital transformation. This new wave includes all sorts of companies; including retailers, manufacturers, legal firms and logistics providers.”

Mr Deutsch explains that Equinix began its growth in South Sydney when networks were looking for direct connection to other networks to exchange data and solve regional proximity issues; then came content and e-commerce platforms, financial service companies and, eventually, cloud access points.

Now, even more industries and entities are looking to digital interconnection to best function in the digital age.

“The healthcare industry, sensing the opportunities to enhance patient care through digital service delivery and data analytics, is increasingly looking to tap into this digital interconnection. Government, seeking service improvements and cost-efficiencies, is seeking interconnection too.” Mr Deutsch said.

SY5 is set to open late 2019, as Equinix continues its highly successful campaign of global expansion.

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