Elon Musk’s transport tunnel The Loop opening December 10

The Loop tunnel

Entrepreneur Elon Musk’s test tunnel for his underground, high-speed train project The Loop will officially open in Los Angeles on December 10.

Musk publicly announced the opening date on Twitter, which he is extremely active on.

The business magnate also conceptualized the idea for The Boring Company, the SpaceX subsidiary business behind The Loop, on Twitter when he took to the platform to complain about traffic.

The Loop is described as “a high-speed underground public transportation system in which passengers are transported on autonomous electric skates traveling at 125-150 miles per hour. Electric skates will carry between 8 and 16 passengers (mass transit), or a single passenger vehicle.”

To solve traffic problems in an increasingly populated world, either flying cars or underground tunnels will need to be designed, The Boring Company website explains.

“Unlike flying cars, tunnels are weatherproof, out of sight and won’t fall on your head. A large network of tunnels many levels deep would fix congestion in any city, no matter how large it grew (just keep adding levels).”

“The initial Test Tunnel, located in Hawthorne, CA, is being used for the research and development of The Boring Company’s tunneling and public transportation systems.”

“Looking forward, one could have a lift in the basement of every office building, allowing extremely convenient commutes.”

Musk has stated that the public will get free rides on The Loop the day after its official opening.

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