256GB SanDisk – Western Digital Releases The Worlds Fastest Micro SD Card

SanDisk Head Quarters - 256GB SanDisk

Western Digital Corporation are global leaders in computer storage technologies and solutions have recently announced a new line of 256GB SanDisk SD Cards including the worlds largest and a fastest MicroSD.

On July 29th, the two Sandisk MicroSD cards were introduced within their press release.

  • 256GB SanDisk Extreme – microSDXC UHS-I Card.
  • 256GB SanDisk Ultra – microSDXC UHS-I Card, Premium edition.

256GB SanDisk Extreme – microSDXC UHS-I Card

What is now the fastest and largest SD card of its time, the ‘256GB SanDisk Extreme’ boasts unprecedented transfer speeds of up to 100 megabytes per second. The card can write at speeds of up to 90 megabytes per second to accommodate for rapid capture of videos and images.  Additionally, with 256gb, it has the ability to record up to an estimated 14 hours of 4K UHD video making it the perfect addition to a photographer’s camera or device.

The Extreme microSDXC UHS-I card will be available worldwide in the fourth quarter of this year with a expected retail price of $199.99.

256GB SanDisk Ultra – microSDXC UHS-I Card, Premium edition.

Targeted towards a more general user, the 256GB SanDisk Ultra is perfect for the mobile or tablet user who loves to capture vast amounts of footage and images without having to constantly change their internal memory or back up to cloud. Although SanDisk have given the 256GB SanDisk Ultra a slightly slower read and writing speed, the new card is capable of storing more than 24 hours of Full HD video and also features premium transfer speeds of up to 95MB/s. With the ability to move 1,200 photos in just one minute, the speed is more than enough for the general population.

The Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card, Premium Edition, will be available worldwide in August 2016 with an expected retail price of $149.99.

Dinesh Bahal, vice president of SanDisk product marketing has released the following statement:

“Our microSD cards are now at the center of many consumer devices, and we’re excited to not only raise the bar with the launch of the world’s fastest microSD card, but to also offer a family of 256GB microSD cards that give consumers the flexibility they need to capture life at its fullest,”

Source: SanDisk

Image: SanDisk

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