How & Why To Use Issuance Insurance (UPDATED)

Issuance Insurance

(UPDATED) This blog post information relates to our old system. Please read the following for instruction on how to use Issuance Insurance in our new system.


Issuance Insurance is the ability to reissue your certificate an unlimited amount of times, completely free of charge. Your SSL Certificate will be reissued with any existing validity that is remaining. Although Issuance Insurance comes free with most of the certificates at Trustico®, you need to ensure your product includes Issuance Insurance otherwise you will need purchase it during the initial ordering process to be eligible for a replacement SSL Certificate. If your order does not include it and you unexpectedly lose your SSL Certificate or Private Key you may be required to purchase the full priced product again.

Why you may need Issuance Insurance.

Reissuing your certificate can be extremely useful for several reasons, just to name a few;

  1. If you lose your private key, you will be required to regenerate a new CSR to get a new private key. You will then need to use issuance insurance to reissue your SSL certificate so it corresponds with the newly generated private key, and can be installed successfully.
  2. For certificates that were generated before 2016 and are still in SHA-1. Using issuance insurance with a CSR generated in 2048 bit will update your certificate to SHA-2 encryption.
  3. For certificates that were initially generated on a server and mid way through the certificate life, the servers are required to be changed. Usually, you will not be able to use an SSL certificate that has had its CSR generated on one server, to then install onto a different server. A new CSR should be generated and a new SSL reissued and installed.
  4. If you are required to install the one certificate onto several different servers that all require the CSR to be generated within the server itself. You will need to use issuance insurance to issue several copies of the same SSL certificate using the different server generated CSR’s.

How to use Issuance Insurance.

To use issuance insurance you will need to have your CSR ready. We always suggest to regenerate a new CSR before using issuance insurance to re issue a certificate.

If you do not have a CSR you will need to generate one on either your server or using the ‘CSR Generator‘ on the Trustico® Website.

The first step is to log in to the ‘Order Tracking‘ section on the Trustico® website.

To access the order tracking section you will need your order number and memorable date.

**Remember to make sure that you are on the correct website that aligns with where you purchased the certificate from. If you purchased from the U.S website, you will not be able to login to that order on the Australian website and so on.

Once you have logged in, scroll to the very bottom of your page. You should see a ‘use issuance insurance’ button. Press it.

On the following page you will see an empty box. Copy and paste the CSR into that. Please make sure that it contains the “BEGIN” and “END” lines exactly as in the example below.


Select a recipient email address and press the ‘Request Replacement Certificate’ button at the bottom of the page. The recipient email address is where the new certificate will be sent to once issued.

The next step is determined by the type of certificate you have; either a DV, OV or EV. 

  • DV – For a Domain Validated Certificate you are required to re complete the Approval Email validation.
  • OV – Generally there is nothing required after using issuance insurance with an Organisation Validated Certificate. However it can take up to 24 hours to be re issued.
  • EV – For an Extended Validated Certificate you are required to re complete the Domain Rights Confirmation email. A telephone call may also be required to confirm the re issuance with the corporate contact.

After one of three requirements have been completed. The new certificate will be sent to the recipient email that was selected earlier in the process. Alternatively you can access the new Intermediate and SSL Certificate by returning to your order tracking section. The certificates will automatically update. Take note; the Private key will not update and the old one will NOT work. You must use your new Private key that was created at the same time you generated the new CSR .

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