The Benefits Of An Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate

Extended Validation (EV) Green Bar Https

Extended Validation SSL Increases Online Sales and Transactions by instiling Customer Confidence

We are spending more time on the Internet then ever before. Internet is used for commerce, communication, research, collaboration, entertainment and social media. Web browsing is becoming more common on mobile devices, opening opportunities for new markets with online sales and account-based services.

The need for online security is becoming an obvious priority. Customers are becoming far more alert of the possibilities of security issues, identity theft and fraud. They need reassurance that the confidential information they share is protected as a merchant is trusted to receive sensitive data and payments. Consumers want to know that the company their purchasing off is definitely who they claim to be.

Extended Validation (EV) standard for SSL certificates provides the highest level of authentication and identity verification available with an SSL certificate in order to maintain and boost consumer confidence in e-commerce.

EV SSL certificates facilitate the secure exchange of sensitive information and assure mutual trust via standardized verification protocols.

EV SSL is the only type of certificate that activates the https green bar within the browser that broadly displays the name of  the registered organisation that has secured and owns that domain name or website. The highly visible green bar immediately assures consumers that the merchant site is secure and that is it is safe to input confidential information, instilling further consumer confidence that cannot be matched. The EV Green Bar can be seen below:


Only 2% proceed past “untrusted connection” messages and only 3% would give out credit card information without the padlock icon. The result of this survey illustrates that consumers know the green bar indicates a trusted connection and that merchants will benefit from showing that their site is safe.

EV SSL  Certificate Issuance Process

Before an EV SSL certificate can be issued, the SSL provider has to verify the following;

  • The legal, physical and operational existence of the entity;
  • The identity of the entity matches official records;
  • The entity has exclusive right to use the domain specified in the EV SSL certificate;
  • The entity has properly authorised the issuance of the EV SSL certificate

If you are looking to take your online business to next level by having your website secured with the (EV) https GREEN BAR then visit Trustico® for more information.

Author: Alla Bekker

Images: Shutterstock, SurveyLegend

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