Approver Email Explained

An approver email is the way a certificate authority can determine whether the customer has full control of or permission to use a domain name. It is required to be completed in order to issue a domain validated certificate. An approver email is always used for domain validation. It is occasionally used in the validation process for OV and EV orders, however, is commonly referred to as the (DRC) Domain Rights Confirmation Email in that instance.

To determine whether the customer has full access or permission to use a domain, the certificate authority will send what is known as an approver email to an email address attached or registered to that domain.

To complete an approver email you must follow the links within the email taking you to a website where you have the choice to select either “I approve” or “I do not approve”. Press the ‘I approve’ button to complete the issuance. DO NOT select the ‘I do not approve’ as it will cancel your order.

There are 2 types of emails you may use:

Generic Email Addresses.

For example sake, lets say that the domain name you wish to secure is ‘‘. The approver email can be sent to one of the 5 Level 2 Generic Domain Email Addresses:

The approver email can also be sent to one of the 5 level 3 Generic Domain Email Addresses:

These emails do not necessarily exist. They can however be created on your server or through your hosting company. You will need to own the domain name ‘’ to do so.

Whois Email Addresses.

Alternatively an email address that is registered to the domain name through the registrant can be used. You can check to see what email(s) are registered through ‘Whois’ or you can contact a Trustico® Representative to find out for you.

This can be any email address such as a personal yahoo or gmail etc. As long as it is registered to ‘Whois’ for that domain it can be used.

**Please note, occasionally during the ordering process the ‘Whois’ email address will not show. This does not mean it does not exist. In this instance please select one of the generic emails as displayed before and contact a Trustico® Representative to have the approver email changed manually to an email registered to the domain.

Synonyms: (DCV) Domain Control Validation, (DRC) Domain Rights confirmation.

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