Today is the World Wide Web’s 30th anniversary


Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThe world wide web, one of humankind’s most revolutionary technologies, celebrates its 30th birthday today. A large part of everyday life for much of the global community, the world wide web is thoroughly embedded into the fabric of developing and developed nations. It has revolutionized the way humans work, socialize, engage in discussion, and […]

ICANN urges full implementation of DNSSEC

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThe Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a nonprofit organization dedicated to collaboration towards a secure and globally unified internet, has reacted to increasing reports of attacks on DNS infrastructure by urging registrars to adopt DNSSEC. What is ICANN?An internationally organized corporation that has responsibility for IP address space allocation, protocol identifier […]

Understanding artificial weak, general and super intelligence

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinIt’s hard to go a day without hearing mention of AI, whether you’ve overheard a coffee shop discussion concerning the philosophical tribulations of such technologies or simply scrolled past a news article about some startup’s latest AI venture. But with AI being implemented everywhere from smartphones to hospitals, performing a seemingly endless number of […]

Equinix opening $224 million data center in Sydney

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinAn American multinational company, Equinix is a global leader in internet connection and colocation data centers. Equinix Australia boasts an impressive portfolio of over 265 cloud service providers, 75 financial enterprises and 55 media businesses living in 15,000 square meters of colocation (data center) space in South Sydney as well as seven International Business […]

Mobile World Congress 2019 commences

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinMore than 100,000 people from over 200 countries will attend the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain this week. The world’s largest mobile industry event, MWC Barcelona will see speakers and exhibitors from a range of industry giants and upcomers alike, touting their latest products and technologies. Sponsored by Hauwei, the event […]

Predictive text AI too effective for public release

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinArtificial Intelligence company OpenAI has developed a text writing AI which has left them both impressed and concerned.  OpenAI is a non-profit AI research company focused on “discovering and enacting the path to safe artificial general intelligence.”   Founder Elon Musk is an outspoken advocate of such AI, having commented extensively publicly and online about the risks such technology […]

Google+ to shut down in April

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinTech giant Google will shut down the consumer version of its social media platform Google+ come April. Google+ is a social media platform that is accessed via the same Google account linked to other services such as Gmail and YouTube. Since its inception, Google has had trouble giving Google+ the mass appeal of Facebook […]

EV SSL Certificates

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinMaximum Security, Maximum Trust. HTTPS is more important than ever with hackers and phishers becoming increasingly skilled at their trade. Only a HTTPS secured site will rank highly in web browser SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With the recent Google 7.0 update, non-HTTPS (HTTP) sites will show as unsecure with a visual warning showing if […]

Comodo CA moving forward as Sectigo

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinComodo CA is the world’s largest commercial Certificate Authority, having issued over 100 million SSL Certificates and working with over 700,000 businesses globally. Acquired by Francisco Partners, a leading global private equity firm which primarily invests in technology companies, Comodo CA is now rebranding as Sectigo. Existing Comodo SSL Certificates will not be affected […]

Elon Musk’s transport tunnel The Loop opening December 10

The Loop tunnel

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinEntrepreneur Elon Musk’s test tunnel for his underground, high-speed train project The Loop will officially open in Los Angeles on December 10. Musk publicly announced the opening date on Twitter, which he is extremely active on. Opens Dec 10 — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 22, 2018 The business magnate also conceptualized the idea for The […]