How To Use Issuance Insurance – Reissue An SSL Certificate

Extended Validation (EV) Green Bar Https

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinIssuance Insurance is the ability to reissue your certificate an unlimited amount of times, completely free of charge. Your SSL Certificate will be reissued with any existing validity that is remaining. Although Issuance Insurance comes free with most of the certificates at Trustico®, you need to ensure your product includes Issuance Insurance otherwise you […]

Uber Stops Self Driving Testing After Crash In Arizona

Uber Self Driving Crash

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinUber has put a hold on its self-driving car testing after one of the Autonomous Volvos was yet gain involved in a collision in Tempe, Arizona last week. According to Tempe police, the Uber Volvo SUV was found on its side after colliding with an incoming vehicle causing it to flip. They have mentioned […]

Is Google Planning To Take Over SSL ? Google Becomes SSL Certificate Authority

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinIn the midst of what seems like a never-ending battle over who is the best, or rather the worst CA authority, Google has announced that it has decided to launch its very own Root Certificate Authority.  In the effort to increase its SSL capabilities and build the “Foundation of a more secure web” Google […]

What is a Top-Level Domain (TLD)? TLD’s Explained

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThe Top-level domain (TLD) refers to the last segment of a Fully Qualified Domain Name, or the part that follows immediately after the “dot” symbol. The TLD specifies the domain at the highest level in the tree hierarchy of the Domain Name System and is required for a domain name to be “Fully Qualified”. […]

Over 1 Million Gmail & Yahoo Accounts for Sale on Dark Web

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinOver 1 million Gmail and Yahoo accounts have been found for sale on the dark web in what seems like a never-ending blow to Yahoos security reputation. In what’s been a horrible few months for Yahoo as a number of breaches continuously unravel, both Yahoo and Gmail have received a shocking blow regarding internet […]

10 Years on and the iPhone still Lives – A Timeline On The Phone That Changed The World

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinNot to make you feel old, but 10 years ago TODAY, Steve Jobs released the original Iphone. As he looked over thousands of puzzled faces on the 9th of January, 2007 at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco…, Steve Jobs attempted to explain that he had created a device that he described as “three […]

Elon Musks’s Space X – Falcon 9 To Launch On 14th January

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinSpace X’s Elon Musk, has pushed back the official launch date of Falcon 9 yet again, this time due to bad weather. With extreme highs, and extreme lows, Space X – Space Exploration Company and its CEO Elon musk undoubtedly had a roller coaster of a year in 2016. The most notable of events […]

Google’s New Self-Driving Minivans Will Be Going Public at the End of January 2017

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinAnnounced at the North American International Auto show yesterday, Google’s self-driving vehicle company “Waymo” will be allowing their new fleet of self driving Chrysler’s onto public roads for the first time later this month.   Being installed onto 100 Chrysler Pacifica Minivans, the fleet of robotic cars will be travelling around California and Arizona […]

Locky Ransomware Spreads Through Images On Facebook Messenger & Google Chrome

Locky Ransomware

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinNew methods of Ransomware spread have emerged as researchers have discovered the use of Facebook messenger to spread the Locky Ransomware. A type of ransomware that has this year marked itself as a favorite among hackers looking to cash in on your loss. What would normally be automatically filtered from Facebook, hackers have worked out […]

OWRL – The Super Secure Computer Named After George Orwell

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThere has never been a larger range of Pcs, Macs, laptops and other devices then there is right now. Further more computing technology is advancing at an all time rate. With this computers are getting smaller. One could only look inside their pocket to realise that they a carrying around a phone with over […]