The World’s First Tesla Town In Melbourne Australia


Just 6 months after the first shipment of Tesla Power walls arrive in Australia, Melbourne is set to become the world’s first ever ‘Tesla Town’. Just 6.5km from the Melbourne CBD, where an old paper mill once was, the mini suburb named YarraBend has become an ambassador for sustainable living in Australia.

Named as the ‘Tesla Town’, YarraBend will become the world’s first suburb with all homes to house the highly anticipated Tesla Power walls among numerous other sustainable and technological features. All houses will be built with solar panels and will primarily be powered by the electricity that is generated from these solar panels, alongside the assistance of the Tesla Power wall.  The Power wall is an in house battery that holds the electricity gained from the use of solar panels until it is required to be used. Yarrabend has stated that:

YarraBend has been designed to achieve the highest level of sustainability and quality of life”.

The suburb will also feature numerous Tesla Car Charging stations as they attempt to make the move to renewable energy both in and out of the home. Nick Marinakis from Glenville, the organisation that designed YarraBend; believes that the use of the Powerwall, energy efficient lighting and appliances combined with a sustainable building design and an eco way of living will be the reason that YarraBend achieves a 6 star ESD rating. The first of its kind in Melbourne. The creator of the (ESD) Ecologically sustainable development rating, Danni Addison has stated that:

“YarraBend is one of the most environmentally sustainable developments in Australia”.

He believes compared to the rest of Australia, YarraBend will use 43 percent less water, will reduce landfill by 80 percent, and has the potential to cut energy use by up to 34 percent.

However, as the YarraBend website has expressed, this suburb is much more than just sustainable place to live. The suburb will also feature a New School, Shopping district, a tech-concierge and is surrounded by Darebin Parklands and Yarra Bend Park, with views over endless canopies of native trees. The suburb is 16.46 hectares in size and has attained its name due from the 300 metres of Yarra River that the suburb occupies.

“Here you can lose yourself walking in the natural bushland or jogging past the area’s last remaining orchards” –

To top it off, there will also be several technological advantages to living in YarraBend. The residents will be a part of what is known as a smart wired community. This offers benefits such as high speed internet and a tech-concierge to fix any issues you may be having with the smart wiring. It is even possible for residents to call the concierge to assist with any wifi or home entertainment issues they may be having.

Another exciting feature is the personal YarraBend app. This app will connect residents to a variety of amenities and information within the community, including public transport timetables, home delivery menus, carpooling arrangements and social events. This level of connectivity is something that is extremely hard to do on a large scale, so it will be very interesting to see how it works on a small scale.

YarraBend is truly where great architecture, sustainability, new technology and old traditions meet. This of course comes at a pretty penny.  The new suburb will include around 2,500 new dwellings – a mix of free standing houses, townhouses and apartments with three to five bedrooms. The first 60 homes went on sale earlier this week with a pricing range of  $1.48 million to $2.1 million. The first homes are set to be built by August in 2017.

Source: Onestepoffthegrid, YarraBend.

Image: Reddit.

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