Symantec’s Blue Coat Acquisition Has Come To A Close

Blue Coat

As of the 1st of August, the acquisition of Blue Coat by Symantec has successfully come to a close. As a result Symantec has secured itself as the world’s most strategic online security provider as it combines the technology and leadership of the two organisations to create a market share that can not be matched by anyone within the industry. Something Symantec believe to be vital in shaping the future of online security.

A large factor in the acquisition is obviously what a company like Blue Coat can bring to the table. Blue Coat has proven history of profitable growth, category leadership, an innovative cloud-focused portfolio and go-to-market strength. Interesting enough, although both companies once sat side by side as competitors within the online security industry. There is minimal overlap when it comes to what products each company provides to its customers. This obviously comes as a benefit to the now combined portfolio as the range of different offerings under the Symantec umbrella broadens greatly.

As Greg Clarke has mentioned.

“As we strive to become your most strategic partner for security, the combination of our leading portfolios delivers unrivaled global scale, product breadth, research and innovation, capable of solving the most significant security challenges in the world. We look forward to sharing our vision and strong portfolio with you over the coming weeks.”


As mentioned earlier in June, upon acquisition of Blue Coat, Greg Clark the previous CEO of Blue Coast would step into the CEO role for Symantec. As current CEO Michael Brown announced earlier this year that he would in fact be stepping down from the role. Greg Clarke has over 20 years of experience within the web security industry. He is believed to be a driving force around why Blue Coat has delivered such scale and profitable growth, while transforming it into the number 1 market share leader and share gainer in Web Security.

Furthermore, Blue Coat’s previous COO ‘Mike Fey’ will join Greg on Symantec’s Board as the new President and COO. As Greg has mentioned he is a well recognized thought leader in the security industry. He has worked on the board at a number of different companies including Intel, where he was Vice President, CTO and GM as well as managing business operations for the mcafee sector. Mike’s exceptionally strong business savvy, combined with his technical capabilities, ensure that every organization he leads has a strong focus on accelerated growth and industry innovation.

In an email sent to all Symantec Partners, Greg has stated that:

“Moving forward under our combined leadership, Symantec is focused on solving the challenges faced by the Cloud Generation, including securing the mobile workforce, ensuring safe usage of the cloud, and intelligently protecting against advanced threats.”

Since the acquisition was initially announced, there has been intensive planning on how Symantec is to deal with company integration, with focus on proceeding at a pace that is rapid, practical and as non-disruptive as possible.

Source: Symantec, Symantec Partner Email.

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