Crowd Funding Campaign To Bring Holograms To Households

Head Up Display within your car, Microsoft Hololens to view the inside of an aeroplane engine, Tupac and Michael Jackson performing at Coachella. Hologram’s or at least early versions of holographic technology are starting to appear everywhere and the world is going crazy over what is barely available at this point in time.

We all grasp onto the possibility that one day we will communicate through holographic imagery beaming from our watches, similar to futuristic entertainment like Halo and Star Wars. Could it be possible to share our home with holographic AI systems like Cortana or is that something that only dreams are made of? At this stage holographic technology is used in several ways but is yet to make it into the household. This is something that an Indiegogo startup wishes to change.

For as little as $79, the HoloVit plans to change the use of holographic technology and bring it to the lounge room. TNW have commented that they believe for that kind of price and with the limited amount of information provided the product may be to good to be true.


Some of the biggest crowdfunded startups have crashed in the past year such as the ‘Coolest Cooler’ and the VR helmet ‘Skully’. At this stage however, we are crossing fingers this product will be the real deal. Or at least will spark the mind that can create it.

The HoloVit is a patent-pending holographic system that uses three types of screens that change video into floating holograms. The technology used is very similar to that used for the Tupac hologram, however unlike the large-scale 3D version it is only one dimensional. Either way, based from the video’s, the holographic visual looks very organic in the way that it moves and portrays a 3D like imagery.

The HoloVit has 3 sizes with the smallest designed for smartphones and tables, the middle size designed for laptops and the largest for use with televisions. At this stage there are hundreds of online videos as tv shows that are now compatible to use with the HoloVit. The team have also created ‘HoloGram Battle’ and it is now available on both Google Play and the App store. It’s basically a holographic version of space invaders and although it doesn’t exactly look like it would entertain you for more than a hour, it’s a start, and as the team have mentioned they are looking for people out there to help with the production of entertainment for the HoloVit.

A feature that is definitely worth noting is that you can purchase the hologram recording set with the HoloVit. With this you are able to film and create your own holographic experiences with your smartphone or tablet. You simply stand up against the laminated background and click film, it’s as simple as that and within minutes you could have your very own holographic video.

Although it can provide only a limited amount of fun with no real benefit, it is easy to see how this kind of technology could be implemented with social media to create completely new ways of communicating. Imagine sending your friends short holographic videos in the same way that snapchat is used. It could be revolutionary.

If you want one, you can get the medium screen for 47 percent off retail at just $79. The units are reportedly complete and will begin shipping next month. Until then, all we have for you are videos.

Source: The Next Web, Indiegogo campaign, HoloVit.

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