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HTTPS is more important than ever with hackers and phishers becoming increasingly skilled at their trade. Only a HTTPS secured site will rank highly in web browser SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With the recent Google 7.0 update, non-HTTPS (HTTP) sites will show as unsecure with a visual warning showing if a user begins entering information into the site. With Google’s 7.0 update, the only type of SSL Certificate to show any positive sign of implementation is the EV-level SSL Certificate.

The importance of cyber security:

Cybercrime poses a great and real threat to the global order, financially and technologically. According to U.S. Army General Keith B. Alexander, cybercrime constitutes “the greatest transfer of wealth in history.” A report by respected global information security firm Herjavec Group estimates that cybercriminals will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021. The report also found that almost a half of all cyber-attacks globally target small business; scammers create an average of 1.4 million mimic websites for phishing every month; the size of an average DDoS attack is 4x larger than in the past; and ransomware damages are 15x what they were two years ago. By 2021, ransomware attacks on healthcare organizations will quadruple; businesses will experience a ransomware attack every 14 seconds; and newly reported zero-day exploits will rise to once daily. It is for these alarming reasons that cyber security is a basic essential for small and large business, private and public enterprise, government organizations and NGO’s.

Extended Validation:

Obtaining an EV SSL Certificate requires the completion of the highest standards of validation in the SSL Certificate industry. Although the standard is high, most businesses small and large meet these requirements. A business simply needs be registered with its respective government, have an accepted third-party listing including business details such as address and business telephone number, and an active telephone line that a Certificate Authority agent can complete a telephone verification call on. These practices ensure that EV SSL Certificates are only ever issued to legitimate businesses, government organizations and other highly trusted entities. Employment of an EV SSL Certificate on your website tells users at first-glance that you are a highly trusted organisation, legitimately associated with the business name on your site, and best of all that they are safe to proceed with transactions.

Why secure with EV?

EV SSL Certificates are unique in that they offer a positive sign of their implementation on a website – the highly recognizable green address bar containing the business/organization name of the website. EV SSL Certificates were developed to account for a problem with conventional SSL Certificates. With DV SSL Certificates, proof of control over the domain is required before the SSL Certificate is issued. However, malicious individuals quickly discovered a way to exploit this. Instead of investing time into hacking or phishing, they could simply create a domain that closely resembles the name of a legitimate business, secure it with a DV SSL Certificate, and lull unsuspecting internet users into a false sense of security by their imitation website being HTTPS secure. An example would be securing payp.al, which when HTTPS secured closely resembles paypal.com. A malicious individual simply won’t be issued an EV SSL Certificate due to their inability to complete extended validation for an imitation website.  Put simply – an EV SSL Certificate’s green address bar is the only way for internet users to tell at first glance if your website is legitimate.

DevOps.com conducted a survey to learn more about people’s concerns when utilizing services on the web and how much trust they place in EV secured sites over lower level DV and OV secured sites.
Some of their key findings where:

  • A majority of participants worry about their personal health, financial, social and identifying information stolen.
  • More than 85 percent of participants worry about being the victim of an online phishing attack.
  • EV secured websites showed a rise in both shopping and financial scenarios.
  • More than half of the participants said that the green address bar influences their perception of the company; a third said that they feel safer doing business with an EV secured website.
  • Consumers are more likely to utilize a website’s services including transactions and the handling of sensitive information if it is EV secured.
  • Likelihood to sign up for an account, share personal information and fill out forms increases significantly on EV secured websites.

EV SSL Certificate Features:

  • Green address bar utilized by the most successful businesses and institutions
  • Highest levels of SSL security – 4096 bit digital signatures and 512 bit encryption available, industry standard 2048 digital signature and 256 bit encryption also available
  • Shows that your website and organization have been vetted as thoroughly as the most recognizable of businesses
  • 99.9% web browser ubiquity – expand your market
  • Priority validation – get secured quickly
  • Priority customer and technical support – resolve issues with ease
  • Highly recognizable Secured Site Seal – instill further trust
  • Unlimited server licenses – install your EV SSL Certificate across as many servers as you wish
  • $1,000,000+ relying party warranty
  • 30 day money back guarantee

With Google’s latest update, positive website user statistics and the constant expansion of the digital world, instantly recognizable trust is essential for any website wanting to establish a serious online presence. An EV SSL Certificate is the best way to do this. So why wait? Get EV secured now and show the online world that you are highly trusted and ready for business.

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