is Google’s latest secure domain initiative

Google has long been an advocate of HTTPS, with measures such as marking all HTTP sites as “Not secure” paving the way to their goal of a fully secure Web — is their latest initiative.

Their latest initiative to promote HTTPS is the new site, an informative page explaining the importance of HTTPS.

It also provides the reader with some handy tips on avoiding phishing and scams, like by double-checking domain names.

For example, is not the same as; the number zero in place of the letter ‘o’ is a common indicator of a scam site.

Along with information on HTTPS, Google Registry is also taking applications for its Website Competition through

“The future belongs to those who create it.” Google says.

“Lead the way with a secure domain.

“Register a .page, .app, or .dev domain, create your website, and enter for a chance to be featured on Google Registry’s websites and to win Pixel 3 phones.”

Nine winners will be selected based on website quality and design.

While .page and .app have been publicly available since before 2019, .dev domains only recently became publicly available on March 1st this year.

Maximizing security on such domains — all three of these Google owned gTLD’s have been included in the HSTS preload list, which is built into all major browsers.

HSTS prevents web connections from being intercepted, altered, or misdirected in transit by forcing HTTPS connections.

“For example, is on the list, which means that the [major] browsers will never make insecure connections to Gmail; if the user types http://, the browser first changes it to https:// before sending the request.” Google says.

Google hopes to see all newly created gTLD’s included in the HSTS preload list, which would be a boon to their mission for a fully secure Web.

If you are looking to secure a website on .page, .app or .dev and need an EV SSL Certificate for maximum user trust, check out Trustico’s cheaper-than-ever EV SSL Certificate at the link below:

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