Comodo CA moving forward as Sectigo

Comodo CA is the world’s largest commercial Certificate Authority, having issued over 100 million SSL Certificates and working with over 700,000 businesses globally.

Acquired by Francisco Partners, a leading global private equity firm which primarily invests in technology companies, Comodo CA is now rebranding as Sectigo.

Existing Comodo SSL Certificates will not be affected by the change. and affiliated sites will still be live for use during the transition period but will be phased out eventually.

Comodo CA Root Certificates will remain trusted and newly issued Sectigo SSL Certificates will continue to have a Comodo root until Sectigo is fully established as a brand.

Furthermore, Comodo CA will continue to show as the Certificate Authority in web browsers until fully transitioned.

Name changes on products will be as simple as swapping Comodo in a product’s name for Sectigo.

For instance, Comodo EV SSL will simply become Sectigo EV SSL.

The rebrand comes with a green and black color scheme, quite common in the tech industry, as opposed to Comodo’s red and black.

An expected end date for the full transition from Comodo to Sectigo has not been announced, but expect to see their new brand name online over the coming months.

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