EU Commission Exposes Apple and Irish Government Sweetheart Tax Deals, Slaps Apple with $14.5 Billion Fine

EU Commission takes on Apple

There’s absolutely no discretion in the way that multiple corporations run the United States. Political actors within the government are no more than surrogates of these corporations with the goal of maximising their profit.  As these massive corporations continually break laws and bypass taxes through loopholes created by their friendly political counterparts; the american system […]

6 Email Security Tips To Protect You From Getting Hacked


Most times, email is the preferred choice for hacker(s), breaching your account or compromising the data in it. The New York Times breach, where hackers targeted emails of journalists for vital information, as well as the iCloud leak, bringing personal images of celebrities to you – was initially done via phishing emails. However, there are simple and […]

Edward Snowden Says NSA Leaks Are A Warning To The United States


Almost a week has passed since the Shadow Group bombarded the world with the news of NSA’s lethal hacking weapons. Many people spoke about it, but one man in particular, got everyone’s attention. According to Edward Snowden, this leak will hit hard at the United States government. According to many experts, the tools used in the hack was more than […]

WhatsApp Now Shares Your Personal Data With Facebook – Heres How To Stop It


To help you find friends and improve your Facebook ads and product experiences, the world’s most popular instant messaging app is going to share your personal information – including your phone number and your contact list – with its parent company, Facebook. According to the new invasive terms and conditions, as part of the biggest […]

Beam Splitting Technology To Make Computers As Fast As Light


In the past, we have covered various topics about extremely fast computers, including Quantum Computers. However, the Quantum Computer does have its own flaws. We have even covered wireless Internet by utilizing the light source from a single light bulb, but that provides limited Wi-Fi range. However, there is research now revealing extremely fast computers possessing […]