CAA records guide

CAA records

Using CAA records will ensure your domain/s aren’t issued any SSL certificate/s you didn’t apply for — whether malicious or accidental. What is CAA? A CA is a Certification Authority that issues SSL Certificates. CAA stands for Certification Authority Authorization, which allows you to choose which Certificate Authorities can issue your domain SSL Certificate/s. You […]

Why you should renew your SSL/TLS Certificate early

Recently, popular business and employment service LinkedIn allowed one of their SSL/TLS certificates to expire before renewing, leaving users with a certificate error when navigating around LinkedIn posts. This caused much user confusion and was quickly the object of Tweets and online articles. Though brief, the certificate downtime clearly caused negative publicity for LinkedIn, a […]

Understanding SAN certificates

A SAN certificate is an SSL/TLS certificate which hosts multiple domains and subdomains on the single certificate. It is often called a Multi Domain certificate. They are used for a number of reasons; from server limitations to sheer convenience. What is a SAN? To better understand what a SAN SSL/TLS certificate is, we will need […]