Mitchell Cornish

Tech/Customer Support agent and Blog Manager at Trustico® Online Limited.

I am a Griffith University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Politics & Foreign Relations and Journalism. During my studies, I took particular interest in environmental policy and freedom of speech. I also completed a Diploma of Digital Design.

My interests include technology (particularly AI), history (both ancient and modern) and philosophy. I was lucky enough to have a few history courses within my politics and foreign relations major and used my electives on further history courses. It is in those courses that I learned of the philosophical greats, such as Marcus Aurelius and Friedrich Nietzsche, who I deeply admire. I believe that AI is the modern human’s greatest philosophical challenge. Already we battle with concepts of what it means to be human, debates over retaining our natural state vs shedding it and the adversities that intellectually superior machines may bring. Regardless of who wins the debates, AI is a genie that is well and truly out of the bottle.

I enjoy writing about a plethora of topics, not just my stated interests, to keep me on my feet. You can never have too many topics to write about.

All opinions expressed in opinion pieces are my own and do not reflect Trustico® Online Limited’s views nor the views of any other individual/s within Trustico® Online Limited.

Opinion Pieces: