Twice As Fast Wi-Fi speeds for Smartphones And Laptops In 2017

Wi-Fi speeds are about to get a whole lot faster! In 2007, ‘The Wireless Gigabit Alliance’ (WiGig) was formed with the purpose of creating faster and more efficient communications technology. The idea was to create wireless interconnectivity that flowed seamlessly through your home entertainment and communication devices, entirely removing the need for cords. Connecting your […]

30,000.00 Fine & 3 Years Prison for LOOKING at Torrent Sites & Blocked URLs in India

Internet users in India are in a state of shock, panic, and, well, amusement. According to a new Department of Telecommunications notification, first reported by India Today, viewing or visiting a blocked URL or a banned torrent site, let alone downloading or distributing copyrighted content, will attract a 3-year jail sentence and a hefty fine of INR […]

GlobalSign Causes Mass HTTPS Revocation – Spotify, Wikipedia, The Guardian And Drop Box All Affected


Some of the worlds largest websites have been labeled insecure by leading browsers and have become inaccessible following a revocation issue that was caused by one of the leading SSL Certificate Providers, GlobalSign late last week. When attempting to visit websites such as Wikipedia and The Guardian, some uses were prompted that: “Your Connection Is Not […]