Mobile Advertising Company ‘InMobi’ Fined $950,000 For Using WI-FI Signals To Secretly Track Phone Users


An Indian-based multinational mobile advertising company, Inmobi, has agreed to pay a fine of $950,000 to the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for using Wi-Fi signals to secretly track phone users in the country, obtaining their locations for adverts on their mobile phones. InMobi was founded in 2007. The company has financial support from the […]

Edward Snowden Creates Device To Alert User When Their Mobile Is Being Tracked

Edward Snowden

NSA hacktivist and whistleblower Edward Snowden has begun a project with hardware hacker Andrew Huang to design a phone case that alerts users if their device is being unknowingly used by outside threats to pinpoint your location. The problem has stemmed from the use of mobile phones by reporters and activists in war ridden countries […]

What Is A Datagram ? – How Datagrams Work

A Datagram is a self-contained, independent entity of data carrying sufficient information to be routed from the source to the destination computer without relying on earlier exchanges between a source computer and the destination computer as well as the transporting network. It does this over the ‘User Datagram Protocol’ (UDP), one of the core members of the Internet protocol. Datagram […]

Approver Email Explained

An approver email is the way a certificate authority can determine whether the customer has full control of or permission to use a domain name. It is required to be completed in order to issue a domain validated certificate. An approver email is always used for domain validation. It is occasionally used in the validation […]