Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Changes To The Most Recognized Website Security Trust Seal

Most people who browse the internet are familiar with the famous VeriSign Trust™ Seal - the most trusted and most widely displayed and recognized trust seal in the world.

However, with the Symantec™ acquisition of VeriSign® in August 2010 and the subsequent transitioning of current VeriSign® offerings into Symantec™’s Norton™ security products family - The most recognized website trust seal in the world is set to undergo a total rebranding.

How Will The VeriSign® Trust Seal Change?

The popular and trusted VeriSign® check-mark will be combined with Norton™, one of the most valued names in technology protection. The VeriSign Trust™ Seal will be renamed the Norton™ Secured Seal with the design of the new seal following the same form as the current seal, keeping the circle and pill-shape - and most importantly - the familiar checkmark.

Despite the checkmark going from "VeriSign cranberry" to "Norton yellow", Symantec™ are confident that the new seal will be just as recognizable and trusted as it's predecessor.

The brand new Norton™ check-mark will be seen across the internet in April 2012 when all VeriSign® seals will automatically update to the Norton™ Secured Seal.

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How To Get A Trust Seal On Your Website?

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